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disposable syringe-button

red dot
red dot award: design concept 2005

design concept 2005 [red hot winner]

Vladimir Makarov

Volodymyr Makarov
Concept category: Life science

Pushing the boundaries of medication.
The syringe injection is by far one of the most effective and immediate forms of administering medication. In tandem with this efficiency is the ease of use simultaneous to the danger of abuse. With current disposable syringes prone to negligent re-use, the design of the Disposable Syringe-button eliminates these rising concerns. The Disposable Syringe-button works on the premise of a one-time use only. Its functional design allows patients to make injections safely, without assistance and any special training. A protective film at the bottom of the device has two layers, with the outer layer providing a sterile condition for the syringe, before the bottom surface is applied directly onto the skin for injection. Special sterilised medicine can be place between these two layers. A vacuum inside the syringe prevents ingression of air and contamination. At the press of the button, a piston lowers the needle, and in reverse, pierces the medicine capsule. Further pressure administers the injection completely, following which a spring within the device returns the piston and needle, with side latches fixed in placed as a preventive to repeated use. The Disposable Syringe-button is an innovative tool that reaches out on a global level; executed under emergency conditions, distributed to developing countries where medicinal education is scarce and mass vaccination purposes. (c) www.red-dot.sg

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